U6 - U10 Age Group


Os Power + Stick sessions will consist of power skating, edge work, stick position, puck handling, and passing.  Sessions available for players 8U/10U[Boys + Girls].

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Recommend for players U8 or younger with a minimum of 2 years of skating experience, designed to help spark your skater's interest in the game of hockey.
The 8 Week Summer Training program consists of 1 hour of ON ICE and 1 hour of OFF ICE twice weekly for 8 weeks June-August. Players have 3 locations to choose from.

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Spring Delivery.

This year we are excited to announce that we will be featuring a limited selection of sportswear items during this store period (Friday 1/13 - Monday 2/6).  Please note that this may be a onetime opportunity to purchase these items.


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