Skater program options


Keep fit and on top of your game with other elite college skaters. The OS Summer College Skate includes options for both D1 and D3 players.

Rep Os.
2023 Apparel is HERE.
Spring Delivery.

This year we are excited to announce that we will be featuring a limited selection of sportswear items during this store period (Friday 1/13 - Monday 2/6).  Please note that this may be a onetime opportunity to purchase these items.


  • oshkystore22JRWCfannypack

    OS Hip Pack

    Enter description text here.

  • oshkystore22OSGENERALhoodcarolina

    OS Hoodie

    Enter description text here.

  • oshkystore22OSGENERERALteemint

    OS Shirt

    Enter description text here.

  • oshkystore22OSGENERALbeanie

    OS Beanie

    Enter description text here.